This year marked the 7th conference held by the Beryl Institute, and it was easy to see how far the idea and support of ‘patient experience’ has come. There were many valuable insights and ideas shared from across the globe, stretching from the states, to the UK, all the way to Australia. While the stories were different, they all revolved around the idea of creating a great patient experience, but more importantly a human experience. Here are a few takeaways that really stuck with me from this year’s sessions and conversations:

Kim Turnage

One of my colleagues brought the following question to a meeting of executive coaches in which we share emerging challenges and best practices. This question came from an individual he’s coaching.

Larry Sternberg

I was invited to give a presentation for a very large, prominent software company at a conference of help desk managers from all over the world, and the topic was creating a better customer experience. Different presenters focused on different ways to achieve this improvement. Some, for instance, focused on how to reduce wait time by optimizing certain processes. The focus of my presentation was the impact of hiring the right kind of people.

Mitch Rodgers

As I sifted through my notes and reflected on the sessions I attended at the People in Healthcare Conference in San Diego, I couldn’t help but think there was a lot of great data, information and best practices, and so I wanted to share my thoughts with the healthcare community. Here are the five overarching themes I observed:

Kim Turnage

If you’re like most leaders, these two things top the list of things that keep you up at night (source):

1. Attracting and retaining top talent.

2. Developing the leaders of your organization’s future.

That’s just one of 7 reasons succession planning should be your top business priority for 2017