If you’re looking for a quick read with tips and tricks you can put to work right away, Team of Teams is not for you. But if you’re asking yourself, “Why is it that every time I crack the nut on one problem in my business, four more slide into its place?” or “Why are the strategies and processes that have stood the test of time in our business failing us now?” start reading this book today. Take it in small doses. It’s dense with stories and connections, and it’ll take most business readers more than a normal travel day to absorb (even with a long layover).

In business, every day is game day and coaching happens in real time. The best managers are constantly coaching, and there are better and worse ways to go about that coaching.

Listen in as Larry Sternberg, Kimberly Shirk and I move in and out of sports and business examples to discuss questions like these:

Managers who make a difference achieve more than just business results. They make a positive difference in the lives of the people they manage. The pinnacle of managing to make a difference is helping people self-actualize.

Self-actualization is self-fulfillment. It looks different for everyone because everyone has a different set of talents, a different configuration of potential and a different definition of what is ultimately meaningful. Managers who help people self-actualize help them become more of who they really are.

Libby Farmen

I hate writing a blog that has anything to do with politics because of the divisive nature of the landscape. But, this blog is more about a philosophy on human growth and development. I cannot get a comment made by a commentator out of my head as it made an outstanding point on playing to one’s talents. After watching President Donald Trump address a Joint Session of Congress for the first time, commentator Van Jones stated, “If he finds a way to do that over and over again, he will be there for eight years.” This comment has been circling around in my mind for weeks now.

Kim Shirk

It’s amazing once you have a lens on talent the way the world opens your eyes to unique perspectives. This is exactly what happened for our Co-Founder, Doug Rath. He recalls,

“I was once in British Columbia and saw an older couple canoeing on a lake with choppy waters and was astonished at how adept they seemed to be in this canoe. I spoke to them when they came ashore and asked the man in the couple if he was nervous and he said, ‘If you know how to canoe it's the safest vehicle in not only rough lake water but in rough seas.’”