Mitch Rodgers

As I sifted through my notes and reflected on the sessions I attended at the People in Healthcare Conference in San Diego, I couldn’t help but think there was a lot of great data, information and best practices, and so I wanted to share my thoughts with the healthcare community. Here are the five overarching themes I observed:

Larry Sternberg

I was invited to give a presentation for a very large, prominent software company at a conference of help desk managers from all over the world, and the topic was creating a better customer experience. Different presenters focused on different ways to achieve this improvement. Some, for instance, focused on how to reduce wait time by optimizing certain processes. The focus of my presentation was the impact of hiring the right kind of people.

Larry Sternberg

As the National Football League prepares for Super Bowl LI and the Patriots and the Falcons head for the final game in front of millions of people, some NFL players are looking ahead to another stage in their career.

“An NFL career average is 3.5 years, so when you’re done playing in the NFL, you are still very young even for the regular work world,” according to James Brewer, NFL Offensive Tackle for the New York Giants.

Kim Turnage

If you’re like most leaders, these two things top the list of things that keep you up at night (source):

1. Attracting and retaining top talent.

2. Developing the leaders of your organization’s future.

That’s just one of 7 reasons succession planning should be your top business priority for 2017

Kim Turnage

Spoiler Alert: Probably not the person who is leading your company now.

How long has your company’s CEO been in the role? Given that departing CEO’s have an average tenure of about 9 years (source), if you just hired a new CEO, you’re likely to select another one in less than a decade. If your current CEO has been with you longer, the clock is ticking.