The title of this post might sound like a recipe for a successful relationship, and it is. But it’s also a recipe for effective management – particularly when it comes to delegation. Managers who delegate effectively need to know a few things about their people:

The decision to cultivate a people-first culture is a strategic decision rather than a project. Because it is not a project, you will never be done. You will always improve and refine the way you implement your people-first culture. If you’re thinking about embarking on this journey, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

As a parent, I’ve often wished for a user’s manual to clarify my job and help me troubleshoot in emergencies. Ever feel like that as a manager or leader? We have. It’s one of the reasons Larry Sternberg and I wrote Managing to Make a Difference. And it’s the reason we’re highlighting Leadership Toolbox on our most recent podcast.

Leadership Toolbox is a day-long seminar for anyone who works in a supervisory role. Participants walk away at the end of the day with eight specific tools and techniques they can put to work right away. These are proven best practices for:

Rita was promoted to her first management role because she was a smart, hardworking problem solver. But when she stepped into a role focused on leading others, the majority of her work became about helping other people to be successful and navigating complex relationships. When this shift occurred, Rita didn’t know exactly where to start. She read articles that said, “do this and don’t do that” – for instance “don’t micromanage” and “build trust with your employees” – but it was hard to know where and how to start putting that advice into practice effectively.

From time to time in your career you’ll confront the challenge of adjusting to a new boss. In many cases, this will be a situation you did not seek. Suddenly, you find yourself forced into a new relationship in which the other person (your new boss) has considerably more power than you do. Here are some tips for adjusting to a new boss.