Kim Turnage

Spoiler Alert: Probably not the person who is leading your company now.

How long has your company’s CEO been in the role? Given that departing CEO’s have an average tenure of about 9 years (source), if you just hired a new CEO, you’re likely to select another one in less than a decade. If your current CEO has been with you longer, the clock is ticking.

Kim Turnage
  1. Human Capital is CEO’s top business challenge for the 4th year running. It’s at the top of everybody’s list. If it’s not at the top of yours, you’re already behind. CEO’s say failure to attract/retain top talent and developing next-gen leaders are their top two hot button issues. Succession planning addresses both. (Conference Board, 2016)

Through discussions I’ve had with medical staff at the Veteran’s Administration I learned that many veterans are not comfortable shining the light upon themselves. Whatever a veteran’s sacrifice, he or she is humbled by the other veterans who have made even greater sacrifices. During Veteran’s Day public appreciation exists but contrasts with a very personal experience that many veterans tend to harbor. For many, individual recognition is uncomfortable. In general, the appreciation for veterans offered on Veterans Day is valued and appreciated by veterans.

In 2012 I felt the need to explore a new type of leadership development opportunity but was finding a lack of quality options in the marketplace to meet my needs. As a leader who thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to stretch and grow, I’ve always gravitated toward academic institutions that focus on leadership development and business courses when I look outside the walls of Talent Plus ®.

At Talent Plus, we identify talent as a person’s natural ability to achieve near-perfect performance. We also believe that everyone has talent. Talent is dependent upon the opportunity to express it. Leah Tan has great talent and has shown her talent in a variety of ways over the last several years, both in the workplace and at home with her growing family.