In 1979 I went to Atlantic City to serve on the opening team of the Playboy Hotel and Casino. It was a boom town, bustling with activity. Numerous casinos were under construction. The energy and excitement were palpable. It was a heady time. Atlantic City was being reborn.

In conversation with a long-time resident, I learned that in days gone by diving horses had been a major attraction along the once famous boardwalk. A horse and rider would walk up a long ramp to a high platform that extended over the ocean and  jump off. Voluntarily! Diving horse.

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Alan Momeyer is a loyal friend to Talent Plus and has long been a client of ours in his work as the Vice President of Human Resources for Loews Hotels Corporation. He was a featured speaker at our Client Engagement Roundtable last year held in San Diego just as he was beginning his retirement. A lifelong baseball fan, we extended once again an invitation to join us for the College World Series, held annually in Omaha, and to come speak to Talent Plus associates about the impact The Science of Talent has had on his career and life in general. We are honored to share a few pieces of his blog and his trip below.

"From Tuscany to...Nebraska?

Does it get any more yin and yang than that?

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I remember a situation where a department head in a luxury hotel really botched the employee roster, resulting in a lot of service defects, upset guests, upset employees and unnecessary costs. The department head’s supervisor (the Food and Beverage Director) was chewed out by the General Manager. The Food and Beverage Director’s response was to declare that henceforth she would review all rosters from all food and beverage departments before they became final.

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Have you ever heard these words?

“You need a coach.”

Have you said them to someone you manage?

What did they mean?

Typically when I hear leaders say:

“I think Andy needs some coaching…”

…what they really mean is something like,

“Andy just isn’t cutting it. I’m throwing up my hands. Maybe a coach can turn this situation around.”

Watching the Olympics this year, I’m hoping leaders everywhere around the world are noticing the same thing I am.

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First impressions make a difference. Take the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio for example.

Before the games even began concerns about poor air and water conditions, traffic, security and theft plagued the Brazilian city. You didn’t have to look far to find a story of Olympic athletes struggling with their accommodations at the Olympic Village.

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