Have you ever heard these words?

“You need a coach.”

Have you said them to someone you manage?

What did they mean?

Typically when I hear leaders say:

“I think Andy needs some coaching…”

…what they really mean is something like,

“Andy just isn’t cutting it. I’m throwing up my hands. Maybe a coach can turn this situation around.”

Watching the Olympics this year, I’m hoping leaders everywhere around the world are noticing the same thing I am.

I haven’t seen a single gold medal winner who didn’t have a coach.

In this Olympics, for the first time, we have a Refugee Team composed of athletes who don’t have a country. But they do have coaches.

And they’re not some ragtag team of ne’er-do-wells. They are among the best in the world. Despite impossible odds, they are among the few athletes worldwide who have met the Olympic standards for their sports.

Hundreds vied for the spots they won.

Only the best were chosen.

Only the best got the chance to benefit from world-class coaching in their sports.

Leaders, lets take our cue from the Olympics. Let’s stop treating “coaching” like a last resort. Instead, let’s find the best of the best on our teams and give them the best coaches we can find.

That’s how you win gold medals.

Talking Talent,

Kim Turnage
Senior Leadership Consultant
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Kim Turnage, Ph.D. works as a Senior Leadership Consultant for Talent Plus, helping leaders select the best people, make the right investments in talent development, and create talent-based succession plans that will ensure the future of their organizations. She writes about leadership and everything that goes along with it on the Talent Plus Viewpoint ® Blog and LinkedIn.