What’s the one thing you can do in a relationship with another person to immediately shift the balance of power?

Ask a question.

Not just any question. There are ways of asking that are more like telling. The question I just asked is actually one of those. Why? Because I already knew the answer. The question wasn’t really a question. It was more of a device for telling.

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In the words of legendary college basketball coach, John Wooden, “Not every coach can win with talent, but no coach can win without it.”

When we use the word, “talent” we mean the inherent potential for excellence. “Aptitude” and “giftedness” are good synonyms. Too often, recruiters and hiring managers establish unnecessary requirements for candidates, such as “3 to 5 years of experience” or “must have a bachelor’s degree.” Unnecessary requirements create barriers and shrink the size of your candidate pool. They cause you to overlook great candidates.

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Moral authority is not discussed very frequently, but lately we’ve heard a lot of talk about it, particularly in relation to President Trump. Does he have it? Is he losing it? Does it even matter? This post, however, is not about Donald Trump. It is about why people want their leaders to have moral authority, and by extension, why you should strive to earn it.

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Consider the responses of three people laying bricks. When asked, “What are you doing?”

The first person replies, “I’m laying bricks.”

The second person says, “I’m part of a team building a large, intricate brick wall that requires great skill.”

To that same question, the third person replies, “I’m just one of many people working together here to build a cathedral where people will get married, christen their babies and lay their loved ones to rest.”

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A recent SHRM survey found that filling a vacant position takes an average of 42 days and costs and average of over $4,100 dollars. That works out to about $100 a day.

What if you could transfer most or all of that cost to your bottom line? How would that change your financial results as a manager or leader? And how would it change the quality of your team’s overall performance if you had great candidates waiting in the wings every time someone on your team left for one reason or another? What if you could cut those 42 days by 50%...or more?

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