Workforce and Succession Planning

Our structured process aligns people’s knowledge, talent and skill to an overarching business strategy. With a focus on future potential and current performance, we can predict who is ready today and who should be on your radar for tomorrow. You can download our case studies below and see real results from real clients.

Read about how we helped a client save 200 HR work hours through data consolidation and visualization

Read about how we helped a client increase revenue and exceed sales goals by 160% over six years by building a strengths-based team.

“Talent Plus has helped our firm’s leadership identify, nurture and grow key existing, and future firm leadership. They have helped us strategically give strengths-based development mentorship, coaching and feedback to each leader, and helped us identify individuals with the most potential to excel at leadership at Gensler. It’s all about people’s innate talent and focusing on their Aces…rather than their spaces.”

– Andy Cohen
Co-CEO, Gensler

Plan your future C-suite