Talent Plus is built on partnerships.

Since 1989, Talent Plus has been built through partnerships with clients and entities that have embraced our solutions and referred us to others. Thirty years later, our entrepreneurial, innovative spirit hasn’t extinguished.

We offer the highest quality assessments and customer service in the industry.  Our mission is to change the workplace by helping people find jobs they love.

When people work at what they are good at and enjoy doing, organizations get better – they sell more, produce more, have higher NPS, are more engaged and retain top talent.

Join Us!

To be a part of Talent Plus’ partner network,
Connect with us at 1.800.VARSITY or partnerships@talentplus.com.

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How We Partner

  • Technical Integrations
  • Selection Through Assessments
  • People and Leadership Development
  • Succession and Workforce Planning
  • Team Consulting
  • ROI, Business Metric Studies and Analytics

Partnership Value

  • Industry Expertise
  • C-Suite Relationships
  • Highest Validated Science in the Industry
  • Global
  • Scalability
  • Responsiveness

Why Talent Plus?

  • Trusted Advisor
  • Gain Expertise
  • Enhanced Competitive Advantage
  • Training & Support
  • Recurring Revenue Stream
  • Expand Business