A Letter From Our Talent Plus Family

May 27, 2020

“Adversity brings out talents that in more prosperous times would lie dormant.” – Horace 

While Covid-19 messages continue to be ever present, many organizations are making their way to their “next normal.” At Talent Plus we are doing the same.  

We have had an Extended Community since our inception 30 years ago. Our first transcriptionists worked from home. In fact, many years ago, we asked those who worked from home, our transcriptionists, interviewers and consultants across the globe, what would you like to be called – remote, deployed? They came back with the phrase, “Extended Community.” On March 16, every single colleague at Talent Plus became part of that Extended Community. We have continued to hold our daily standup meeting, Formation, each morning via Microsoft Teams and one of our original Extended Community members remarked that first week, “I love that now everyone is in our Extended Community.” We haven’t missed a beat in these last 11 weeks. That meeting has been our way to calibrate our mindset. In Formation and in every meeting I attend virtually, I feel everyone’s optimism. 

Throughout this time, we have stayed connected to client partners, held day-long client sessions, worked on strategy, provided developmental feedbacks and interviews, even held a Cinco de Mayo celebration and a yoga-stretch class!  

What we know about highly talented people is they are resilient; they are innovative and resourceful. 

What I have tried to do each moment since COVID-19 redefined our lives is be appreciative of each leader, each manager and each individual. Leaders need to “relate” with every member of their teams to listen, care and focus. What keeps me going is the hope, love and care from family, friends and colleagues. I have a very young family, and this gives me strength. I have answered the question for myself over and over again, “Do you believe things are getting better or worse?” and I know with certainty that this too shall pass and I step into the world each day (even if it’s from my dining room table right now) creating my own weather. We truly are all in this together and that spirit keeps me stepping forward each day and night by night 

I believe that while focus continues to be our greatest challenge as business uncertainty and personal health concerns abound, it is one of the greatest gifts we can provide to those who rely on us as leaders and influencers to help them plan for tomorrow. How well we maintain laser focus on helping those around us combat today’s seemingly insurmountable upheaval, while simultaneously thinking, acting and collaborating strategically to plan for the business climate of tomorrow, will determine our collective success moving forward 

I am committed to addressing immediate concerns with the following three words – compassion – gratitude – confidence. 

Thinking of you all, 

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Makenzie Rath