Cultural Development

Cultural Development

Every Single Individual Selected Into Your Organization

Talent Plus’ employee engagement process provides a disciplined, scientific diagnosis to better understand the cultural and environmental elements that produce morale, quality and service orientation.

Develop your Mission, Vision and Values | Create Talent-Based Strategies for the Selection, Development and Retention of Employees | Strategize Future State


  • Positive 360SM
  • CultureView ®
  • Team Mapping
  • Theme-based Advertisement
  • Recruitment Placement
  • Alignment Study
  • Interview Development
  • Introduction to Talent-Based Organizations ® Seminar
  • Strength Development Seminar
  • Management Action Planning Seminar
  • The Science of Talent ® Seminar
  • Get Plused/Industry Summit Events
  • Young Leaders Academy
  • RSVP Seminar

Customized Consulting Concepts

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Custom Consulting Day
  • Career Investment Discussions
  • FormationSM Process Design
  • Human Capital Balance Sheet ®
  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Online ® Assessment Usage Analysis
  • TalentFit ® Interview
  • Vision, Mission, Values Day

On-Site Events

  • Get Plused: A day-long seminar highlighting how to build an engaged culture*
  • Leadership Toolbox: A day-long seminar designed to give leaders the practical tools to implement immediately to more effectively develop your team**
  • Leadership Plus: A year-long, dynamic leadership development experience built for senior leaders***

*Hosted twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
**Hosted several times a year at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
***Hosted within one year at four regional locations across the United States and offered based upon acceptance into the program



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