Collaborative Coaching ®

To achieve optimum growth, leaders must do more than simply select the right person; they must also invest in an individuals’ talents. Collaborative Coaching helps a leader and his or her manager understand one another’s most significant leadership talents, synergies and challenges and discover ways they can best collaborate to create a more effective partnership.

Team Day

Designed to help leaders become not only aware of their own strengths, but of each individual and collective strengths and roles. Team Days are tailored to meet the specific needs of each unit to create a stronger team environment.

Leadership Team Overview

An objective assessment of each team member and executive team members, including a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. With this knowledge, a senior leader is better able to make decisions regarding the placement of each team member as well as their role within the organization’s succession plan.

Leadership Toolbox 

This full-day, seminar-style session equips leaders with a customizable development toolbox to bring out the best in their direct reports. The session is designed to be highly interactive with hands-on access to developmental tools. Through harnessing the benefits of Talent Plus’ proven investment strategies, leaders discover best practices to maximize the potential on their teams.

TeamView ®

An online tool designed to measure aspects of culture, fit and engagement within a team. By answering questions in seven core dimensions, everyone is empowered to identify how the team is performing today and how they believe it should perform in the future. A consultant guides the team through the results of the survey, examines the dynamics of the team and determines the actions necessary to enhance team cohesiveness and performance based upon Value-Added ComparisonsSM highlighted in the survey.

Peer Collaborative Coaching

This interaction allows for two colleagues to gain greater insight and appreciation for how to work best with one another’s strengths. This consulting exercise is ideal for peer leaders who have either complementary responsibilities or experience friction. Through learning about what makes one another “tick,” they experience “strength-on-strength” alignment and how to handle challenges that arise from different inherent talents or weaknesses.

“Talent Plus provides a complete process which allows us to understand the potential of leaders across the organization. It is useful in understanding the relative strengths of team members to enable leaders to get the most out of their teams, enhances our talent acquisition process by providing a data-based assessment of a candidate’s strengths and provides a common vocabulary as we discuss our leaders and how we can best leverage their talents to achieve our objectives.”

 – John Beatty
Vice President, HR Operations,
BJC HealthCare

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