“If a company could have a collective seminal moment, ours would be the point at which we realized that the Talent Plus engagement was to be the beginning of our greatness.  The resulting metamorphosis bears witness to that truth. Talent Plus has helped us to discover our innate gifts and strengths, engender new vigor and nurture a collegiality unprecedented in our history.  We are forever changed by what Talent Plus has taught us about ourselves.”

— Jeffrey L. Portman Sr.
President & COO
AMC Inc.

Employee Development: The Simplicity Model

As Peter Drucker said in 1994, “We must be the CEO of our own careers.” Download this article to read more about strength-based development.

Identify your best talent and grow customer satisfaction. Partner with us to maximize your human capital and experience the impact you have been searching for. With our tools you will see results like:

  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increased employee retention, performance and engagement
  • Improved customer service, greater financial returns and
    enhanced brand recognition

You have product recognition and a high level of service that makes your brand unique. But, what sets you apart? Extraordinary people make the difference. Without them you are going through the motions. With them you are offering world-class customer service. The talent you select and develop in your organization will set you up for a sustainable future in a growing market where reputation and care means everything. 

At Talent Plus, we know people. Our Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM), structured interviews and developmental tools are a proven, scientific approach to selecting and developing the best talent into your organization. From customer service to sales associates to advertising sales positions, we have assessment and development solutions at every level.

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