Kesha Harris: The Art of Connection

by Talent Plus

October 18, 2019BlogEngagement

“You choose your positive attitude every day,”

says Kesha Harris, flashing her heartwarming smile. “Be happy so you can be productive. Be happy so you can build better relationships.”

When you talk to Kesha, you can’t help but share her smile as her warm, positive energy hangs from every word. She thrives building unforgettable experiences for Talent Plus client partners. And with every experience — starting with a warm welcome and ending with a fond farewell —she builds a relationship.

As a Client Relationship Manager and the Experience Lead at Talent Plus, Kesha carries on the company’s hospitality-rooted traditions. Every client is different, giving her the chance to create a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to every client. The more you can individualize their experience, the more memorable it will be.

Some clients like the red carpet rolled out, and Kesha makes it happen — literally. A Talent Plus-branded red carpet has graced the arrival of hundreds of visitors, to their surprise and delight. The experience does not end at the company’s doors. Kesha found out a client loves birds, so as part of their stay in Nebraska she took them to the annual migration of the Whooping Crane Festival.

“The ‘Plus’ in Talent Plus is for relationships,” says Kesha. “And we pride ourselves on creating strong, long-lasting relationships through experiences.”

How does Kesha know if a client loved their experience? It’s quite simple: a goodbye hug.

“I will say I have a solid visit-to-hug ratio,” Kesha says with a smile. “At the end of their visit, pretty much every client gives me a hug. That’s how I know I did my job. And that moment makes it all worth it.”

As great as the big experiences are, the heart of Kesha’s job—and her relationship building—is in the everyday.

“My most important responsibility is adding value to every interaction,” says Kesha. “World class is in the every day. It’s how you respond to emails. How you answer the phone. Every interaction is an opportunity to connect. And we never pass up on that opportunity.”