Daily Operational Leaders

Select the best talent for the mutual benefit of your company and the individual. Development tools build on selection so that your organization’s managers and professionals can gain further knowledge of their strengths, as well as insight on how to leverage those strengths and the strengths of their team members to be more productive and meet organizational goals.

Identify Individuals with Potential to be Great Managers | Develop your Managers | Open a New Location | Build a Succession Plan

Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM):

Outsourced Manager/Professional Interviews*

  • Faculty
  • Health Care Manager
  • Health Care Supervisor
  • Officer
  • Professional Associate
  • Profit Center Manager
  • Pub Manager
  • Sales
  • Supervisor

 *All Person-to-Person Interviews are available for certification.

Development Solutions
We offer development solutions and consulting for all position levels. Click here to learn more.

Onsite events include:

  • Get Plused: A day-long seminar highlighting how to build an engaged culture*
  • Leadership Toolbox: A day-long seminar designed to give leaders the practical tools to implement immediately to more effectively develop your team**
  • Analytics Summit: Using big data, advanced analytics and interactive reporting to advance how organizations make better decisions about people.

*Hosted twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
**Hosted several times a year at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization



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