Positive 360: Flipping the Model on 360 Reviews

Why spend time telling your valued employees what they do wrong? Is that really a smart retention strategy intended to move your organization forward? Why not emotionally re-hire them each year by focusing on what they are good at? The only way to deliver world-class experiential service is through your people. And the only way to retain the best people and continue to develop them is to share positive feedback. This webinar will focus on a journey toward a Talent-Based Organization ® in which where employees come first so the customers, patients and guests can experience world-class service.

Join Talent Plus’ Brent Proulx, Senior Leadership Consultant, and Dr. Scott C. Whiteford, Director of Leadership Development and Analytics, to learn all about Talent Plus’ Positive 360. Key takeaways will include:

  • The difference between a traditional 360 and a Positive 360
  • How to replace negative and antiquated processes with this positive, innovative solution
  • Why employees will walk away enlightened by their talents and ready to utilize them