Ed Eynon | Why Talent Plus? The Science

“There is a series of reasons why I believe that Talent Plus tool is better than anything out there. One of the things I did early on was make sure that every year I would certify on at least two different tools. There is not a better tool that is cheaper, better and faster. There is cheaper, there is faster, but there is not better. There are reasons for that and I think the technology of Talent Plus, the person to person portion of that is second to none. I think that helps you in achieving the goal of putting that right player in and changing the course of the business.”

Ed Eynon
Vice President of Human Resources
KSL Properties.

Cynthia Mercer | Selection Outcomes

“When we are selecting folks into the organization that were not recommended, we’re seeing them turnover 2-3 times faster than those who are recommended.”

Cynthia Mercer
Senior Vice President Human Resources

Peter Callan | Selection Results

“It saved us $19 million over three years on that reduction. Both I expressed as did all of the other people here today, that there is a return on investment and it’s hard dollars whether it’s increased HCAHPS scores, employee engagement, reduction in turnover or any of the other measures...”

Peter Callan
Vice President, Human Resources
University of Missouri Medical Center

Scott Rohm | Importance of Selection

“Selection’s one of the most important things. The human aspect of the assets is more important than any physical building so when you look at that, it’s all about how you attract the most highly talented people.”