Senior Leader

Senior Leader

Strategic Visionary Leaders

Senior Leader selection ensures world-class organizations a competitive advantage in the search for and selection of senior leaders. Our Senior Leader solutions strengthen leaders’ relationships with the individuals and organizations they lead as well as the external environment in which their organizations operate.

Select the Right Leader for the Right Role | Strengthen Relationships with Individuals and the Organization | Strengthen External Environment in which their Organizations Operate | Provide the Basis for Succession and Progression Planning | Set Stage for Organization’s Future State

Outsourced In-Depth Leader Interviews:

  • Senior Leader
  • Senior Manager
  • Physician

Senior Leader Development Program

  • Talent Interview & Talent Profile ®
  • Talent Profile ® Feedback
  • Leadership Prediction and Feedback
  • Leadership Overview
  • Collaborative Coaching ®
  • Team Development Program
  • Understanding the Senior Leader Interview
  • Strength Development Program
  • Leadership Toolbox
  • Peer Collaborative Coaching ®
  • Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning

Development Solutions
We offer development solutions and consulting for all position levels. Click here to learn more.

Onsite events include:

  • Get Plused: A day-long seminar highlighting how to build an engaged culture*
  • Leadership Toolbox: A day-long seminar designed to give leaders the practical tools to implement immediately to more effectively develop your team**
  • Leadership Plus: A year-long, dynamic leadership development experience built for senior leaders***

*Hosted twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
**Hosted several times a year at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
***Hosted within one year at four regional locations across the United States and offered based upon acceptance into the program



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