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Select top-performing front line employees through online assessments and/or interviews. From there our development programs are designed to maximize associate growth potential at every level.

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Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM):

  • Automotive TOAs (Parts Advisor, Service Advisor, Dealer Staff, Technician)
  • Cosmetic Sales TOA
  • Culinary Services TOA
  • Customer Service TOA
  • Health Care TOA (Clinical and Non-Clinical)
  • Hospitality TOA (Front of House and Heart of House)
  • Production Worker TOA
  • Retail TOA
  • Retail Sales Associate TOA
  • Sales Associate TOA
  • Student TOA
  • Tax Professional TOA

 Person-to-Person Interviews*

  • Advertising Sales
  • Co-Worker
  • Customer Development and Service
  • Health Care Professional
  • Inside Dealer Sales
  • Outside Dealer Sales
  • Production Worker
  • Sales Associate
  • Staff
  • Tax Professional
  • Teacher

*All Person-to-Person Interviews are available for certification.

Talent+Hire Applicant Tracking System

Talent+HireSM is a premier solution for companies that understand the importance of selecting top performers, but haven't selected an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). For more information about Talent+Hire, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1.800.VARSITY.

Development Solutions
We offer development solutions and consulting for all position levels. Click here to learn more.

Onsite events include:

  • Get Plused: A day-long seminar highlighting how to build an engaged culture*
  • Leadership Toolbox: A day-long seminar designed to give leaders the practical tools to implement immediately to more effectively develop your team**

*Hosted twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
**Hosted several times a year at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization