Talent Plus Highlighted in Ebix

We have had several associates quoted in 4 ebix publications this year that we will be adding to the news section on the website.

  • Kim Turnage quoted in a story on Social Recognition 101, “Recognition can be highly motivating, but in many organizational cultures it’s rare,” says Kim Turnage, senior co-leader at Talent Plus, a talent assessment company. “At the same time, over 80 percent of people say they would work harder for a more grateful manager. Recognition definitely increases engagement.” To read more, https://blog.ebix.com/social-recognition-101
  • Brett Wells quote in “How to Use Personality Testing to Improve Employee Engagement.” “When employers better understand employees’ motivations and preferences, they can more effectively manage engagement efforts. Because each company culture is unique, it’s vital to uncover the talents and preferences that drive engagement, says Brett Wells, chief research officer at Talent Plus. A department of introverts might lose engagement if put in an open office plan, for example; people who like to talk through ideas before they act on anything may not find a work-at-home benefit very valuable. Wells says one health care client Talent Plus worked with found highly engaged employees tended to have higher talent levels than less-engaged employees. For an organization that wants to improve or maintain high engagement, this level of insight can inform hiring. “The health system continues to use this assessment to identify and select applicants who are ‘hardwired’ to be fully engaged,” he says.” https://blog.ebix.com/blog/use-personality-testing-improve-employee-engagement