From the Vault: They Just Don’t Fit

From the Vault: They Just Don’t Fit

The Science of Talent ®. The phrase we use to describe the structured, validated assessments and interviews allows us a perspective on a person’s capacity to perform with excellence. Talent itself is a very important element, if you are looking to explore a validated scientific method to learn about the associates on your team. But it’s not the only measurement that’s an imperative.

In fact, as we talk about the effectiveness of The Science of Talent, the results are truly built on the necessity of a good fit. Talent Plus’ GIFT Formula displays the interaction between factors we see as imperative to growth and each element is of high importance on its own. Perhaps the single most effective element to determining success in an organization is how that talented individual will fit in the culture.

(Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth ®

Often, once an individual enters a culture with a client who utilizes our science for their selection, we already know of their propensity to perform with excellence. They have been scored on the assessment or interview and have been invited to join the culture because of their aptitude to perform with excellence. What we may not have a strong read on until a personal meeting is their fit for the organization. Consider these questions:

  • Do they work well in teams or do they prefer to work alone?
  • Do they believe in the fundamental mission, vision and values of your organization?
  • Are they comfortable interacting with a group and in speaking their mind?
  • Are they loyal and kind to individuals who are different than themselves?

These questions are a great to explore in a face-to-face meeting with a candidate looking to join your team. But what if the sheer number of candidates you’re needing to hire prevents you from logistically accessing a face-to-face meeting with each candidate?

This is a problem we have considered as more and more of our client partners voice the valuable impact fit has on a selection decision, especially when selecting large groups of people into their organization. In answer to their requests we recently developed the CultureReadySM Algorithm. This algorithm is an application of machine learning to the scientific analysis Talent Plus already provides, allowing additional insight of candidates seeking to move forward in the selection process.

There is no greater value in evaluating fit than to bring the individual candidate to meet the team with whom they will work and getting a human lens on the fit of this person. Through science though, this additional level of research when applied to the feedback consultants give as to why this person came with a cautionary index may just provide one more level of human intelligence to the process of selecting the right people for the right role into your organization.

Predicting performance has literally become a science, and the best selection companies can tell you with about 85% accuracy whether the individual you are looking to hire is likely to be a top performer or a poor performer. Add to it the intelligence of whether an individual might also be a good cultural fit and you raise the rate of success on selecting the right person for your next open position.

Brett Wells is the Chief Research Officer and Interim Chief Consulting Officer of Talent Plus and takes great pride in methodically analyzing data and proactively utilizing his great relationship talent to communicate it effectively to the broader populace.

Brett M. Wells, Ph.D.
Chief Research Officer