Physician Talent Impacts Bottom Line

Talent Plus® collaborated with a large health system to assess physician impact on their bottom line.

Image Results showed that highly talented physi-cians (cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, hospitalists and general practitioners) had 10% higher work relative value units (wRVUs), a measure of physician productivity, which equates to $2.4M in reimbursementper 100 physicians.

  • CONCEPT : Top Talent Increases Relative
    Value Units (wRVUs)
  • ASSESSMENT : In-Depth Physician Interview
  • INDUSTRY : Health Care
  • COMPANY : Large Health System



Highly talented physicians showed 30% lower malpractice claims paid, which could equate to a $6.2M savings* per 100 physicians selected. *Assumptions: Medicare conversion factor of $35.8043 (CY 2016)