Talent Improves Productivity and Retention

A partner wanted to measure the impact of holding out for talent. They found that a talent-based selection and development strategy improved retention, supported HR and improved performance.

ImageEmployees selected who were recom-mended by the Talent Plus® assessment had a 12% higher retention rate than employees who were not recommended. Moreover, recommended hires had a 17% higher retention rate than those employees who had not been assessed prior to hire. If the partner hired only Talent Plus recommended candidates, they could see up to $130,000 in potential savings.

Employees Recommended by Talent Plus® have Higher Retention
  • CONCEPT : Productivity and Retention
  • ASSESSMENT : Customer Service Talent Online® Assessment (TOASM)
  • INDUSTRY : Healthcare
  • COMPANY : Patient/Doctor appointment scheduling call center
Employees Recommended by Talent Plus schedule 24% more appointments.
Employees Recommended by Talent Plus make 21% more calls.


Recommended employees routinely outperformed their colleagues.