What Did You Take Away from the NAHCR 2017 Conference?

I had the pleasure of attending the National Association for Health Care Recruitment’s (NAHCR) 43rd Annual IMAGE Conference in Savannah, Georgia. NAHCR has always been the premier conference for health care recruitment professionals to collaborate with peers, work to address current challenges and stay up to date on trends in the rapidly changing health care industry. It was not a shock to find out this year’s conference was no different as talent leaders from across the country came together to discuss pressing issues in the world of health care recruitment. I thought it would be beneficial to share some of my personal takeaways from this year’s conversations as you begin to evaluate your own recruitment strategies.

Recruiter Effectiveness and Efficiency

A major focus throughout the week was considering the daunting task of not only reducing time to fill but also increasing hiring manager satisfaction. I thought Angie Grave’s presentation, Director of Talent Acquisition at Kaiser Permanente, was extremely appropriate as we continue to look for opportunities to help address both. While employee turnover is something that all organizations in the industry face, we must ensure we are not hiring just to fill a role but hiring the right people for the right roles. This was something that William Poynter, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at HealthSouth, has a passion for and touched on perfectly during his panel session as he encourages people to keep a lookout for tools to help identify candidates most likely to succeed in the hiring process.

Focus on Candidate Experience

Candidate experience strategies were shared in abundance last week and it is refreshing to hear recruiters are still treating this as a priority – after all, it’s people wanting to join YOUR organization. We’ve always known the experience of the candidate is of great importance but sometimes it’s the actual difference. Theresa Mazzaro, Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience at Adventist HealthCare, shared that she’s seen a number of times when candidates had job offers from competing health care organizations in the area (known to pay more) but joined Adventist solely based off the recruitment experience – this should hit home for all of us. In addition, Theresa had a great point surrounding communication with your hiring managers. Ensuring everyone is on the same page internally will provide a seamless and enjoyable process for your candidate. Candidates will notice an unorganized hiring process and it all starts with communication.

Data Analytics in Recruitment

In health care, we are beginning to understand the importance of people analytics and organizational leadership is starting to buy into this concept. A number of recruitment teams are being encouraged to move away from tactical hiring methods and involve more strategy. Progressive health care recruitment teams are taking this data to enact change. Having this information readily available offers a competitive advantage and it is important for HR teams to understand what this all means. According to Bersin by Deloitte, most companies spend half of their expenses on people. By taking the time to look closer at data surrounding people, we can make better decisions and it starts with recruitment.

I hope you enjoyed your time at NAHCR as much as I did. Comment with your thoughts on the conference below and let’s keep the conversation going.

Cole Gade, Business Consultant – cgade@talentplus.com

Cole Gade is a Business Consultant for Talent Plus, sharing his knowledge of the benefit of selecting, developing and retaining top talent for impactful bottom line results.