Corporate Responsibility | team members showing donated food items for the community

Corporate Responsibility

"To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required."

There is an expectation of corporate citizenship in today’s marketplace where companies acknowledge and take accountability for their influence in the communities, markets and environments where they do business as well as where their business makes an impact. Companies who embrace this responsibility support corporate responsibility (among other factors – sustainability, well-being, diversity, equity and inclusion, etc.) by taking a clear stance from the highest levels of leadership and factor the resources necessary to facilitate these efforts into strategic and budgetary decisions.

When companies succeed as corporate citizens, they have positive brand recognition and a brand identify people want to associate with. When people see companies act in accordance with their stated values and those values align with their own, they will go out of their way to be loyal and sell others on the brand, creating lifelong customers and hopefully long-term employees.

Our Promise

A culture of kindness is felt not only by our colleagues about one another, but the communities around us. At Talent Plus, we select for colleagues who are caring. And, when you select for caring individuals, they enjoy creating relationships and getting to know one another. They also care about one another, clients and those around them in their community. It has been our belief since the start of Talent Plus that “to whom much is given, much is required.” Our colleagues recognize that the better Talent Plus does financially, the more we are able to share with the communities where we work.

Our promise is to be a compelling partner for:

  • Colleagues to grow

  • Clients to thrive

  • Candidates to engage

  • Communities to prosper


We are committed to corporate responsibility at Talent Plus and we have fun doing it.

+Cydney Koukol, Executive Vice President of Communities

The Initiatives We Support

Learn more about our corporate initiatives and how they're making a difference for our colleagues and in our local community.

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