Our Corporate Partnerships

How we partner to strengthen your company.

How we partner to strengthen your company.

What makes us a great partner?

We partner with individuals and organizations to advance The Science of Talent® by establishing corporate partnerships to increase scalability in the market, increase validity in the industry, and to align with organizations with shared missions. What we bring to the table:

 • Shared growth opportunities

• Solutions for expanding your market space and share

• Go-to-market strategies

• Helping each other succeed

  • OVER 400world-class brands and clients
  • 30+ Yearsof research backed by science
  • 1-on-1relationships & outstanding customer service


We’ve got all the solutions for you.

Discover, develop, and deliver more with the power of natural talent. We tailor solutions to your every need, whether that's hiring the right people, developing the talent of your managers and employees, or providing the right tools and resources to integrate with your hiring process.

  • Talent+ Hire A one-stop-shop solution for small businesses for better hiring decisions.
  • TalentBank®Designed to give managers and employees the visibility and resources to develop natural talent.
  • ATS IntegrationOur tools and resources integrate smoothly with your hiring process.

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PartnerHow We Partner

  • Strategic Alliance
    We join forces and resources with businesses that share our mission of growth and success. Our strategy pattern allows us to expand our capabilities and do joint consulting to better help our clients.
    Strategic Alliance Strategic Alliance
  • Referring Alliance
    Through established networks and connections our referring partners provide a warm introduction of our solutions and services to leaders and decision-makers.
    Referring AllianceReferring Alliance
  • Distributing Alliance
    Distributing partners circulate our assessment through a SaaS platform as an add-on to existing solutions, services, and executive coaching channels.
    Distributing AllianceDistributing Alliance

See what our advisors network can do for you

See what our advisors network can do for you

The legacy partners, advisors, practitioners, early adopters, and believers  in The Science of Talent® that make up our Advisors Network are a great resource to anyone interested in the possibilities of natural talent.


CLIMB forward


CLIMB forward

In partnership with the Singapore Management University (SMU), we help leaders in Singapore unlock their potential and equip them with the right tools to help their businesses grow and climb forward.

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