Our History

See how far we’ve come and what’s next. 

See how far we’ve come and what’s next. 

Talent Plus® was founded in 1989 on the belief that everyone has a talent and science can identify it. Together, Dr. William E. Hall, Kimberly Rath, Doug Rath, and Sandy Maxwell built the global human resources consulting firm and top Leading Talent Assessment Partner.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been partnering with organizations to discover and develop top-performing people, and build Talent-Based Organizations®.

With over 70 scientifically developed assessments spanning a range of specific jobs, roles, and industries, no other organization provides the level of knowledge around individual potential.

Our seasoned talent experts work closely with our client partners to continually recognize, engage, accelerate and lead talent. As a result, individuals and businesses not only thrive but make a more positive impact in the world.

Today, we are still a privately-held and internationally recognized management consulting firm headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska with an office in Singapore and we have over 400 clients in 20 countries.

Our work determines how natural talents affect performance in every part of the workplace, from frontline employees to executives. We’ve developed reliable, validated instruments based on science and empirical data that allow clients to assess an individual’s aptitude to perform a specific job with excellence.

Through this approach, our clients can define their culture, retain and develop top talent, and grow as a company – all by maximizing the human capital.

our timeline

  • 1968


    Dr. Hall developed research on which our science is based

  • 1989

    september 2, 1989

    Talent Plus founded by Doug Rath, Kimberly Rath, Sandy Maxwell and Dr. William E. Hall.

  • 2004

    october 21, 2004

    2004 - Talent Plus moves to Pioneers Blvd.

  • 2007

    december 21, 2007

    2007 - Talent Plus Asia Pacific Office (APO) opens.

  • 2011

    march 21, 2011

    2011 – Talent Plus wins 1st Best Places to Work award.

  • 2019

    march 21, 2019

    2019 - Talent Plus 30th Anniversary on the year 2019.