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Revolutionize Your Selection Process With Talent Plus Selection Tools

Hire the right people from the start based on our data collected from millions of people.


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A Framework to Select and Engage New Talent

Our selection tools include a predictive online assessment to narrow in on the best candidates for your organization. Hire intelligently and get to know your employees prior to their start date.

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Level Up Your Talent Selection Process

Selecting the right talent to begin with means you can spend more time developing them, rather than dealing with high turnover. 

+  One Size Fits No One

Tailor your approach to the job. Use industry or level specific assessments, from front line employees to managers and executives. 

+  Select a Talent-Focused Leadership Team

Our executive selection tools and scientific methodology are the best predictors of success and uncover the psychological portrait of a leader.

+  Show You're Serious About Talent

Assessments and the Talent Card® allow you to create a pleasant and professional experience for all interview candidates. 

+  Promote Fair, Equitable Hiring 

Assessments limit implicit bias, increase diversity and focus on strengths to build success.

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Seamlessly Integrated Selection and Development Tools

Our suite of selection tools, integrated with your applicant tracking system, helps you choose the right people — both internally and externally — for the roles you need to fill.

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Talent Online® Assessments

With more than 70 assessments and 1:1 interviews ranging across positions, Talent Online Assessments give you an understanding of candidates' natural talents.

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The Talent Card®

The Talent Card captures candidates' talents and provides a pathway to help you understand potential and leverage strengths. 

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Development Tools

Once you've found the right people, ensure they stay for the long term. Development is the key to keeping them, so invest in their success.

The Proof Is In the Data

Through case studies with clients, as well as third-party verification, we can show our solutions get results. 

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Assessing Top Talent Before Hiring Saves Money

Case Study: A financial institution hired all employees using Talent Plus assessments. They reduced turnover by 20% and saved $13M.

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Using Talent Online® Assessment Increases Diversity

Case Study: A large healthcare system conducted a study to look at system-wide diversity. The study showed a 26% increase in the diversity of hires after implementing the assessment.

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Using Talent Plus' Quality Selection Process® Improves Sales

Case Study: A Hospitality client found that selecting for sales talent can make a $1.4 million difference. Highly recommended sales associates outperformed contrast performance by 100%.

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From predictive online assessments rooted in science to one-on-one interviews that are backed by research, we're your trusted partner to recognize, engage, accelerate and lead natural talent from front-line to the C-suite.

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