Executive Coaching — A Tailored Approach to Leader Development

Explore the opportunity to pinpoint distinct talents, teach constructive techniques and foster leaders for your business.

Talented Leader + Professional Coaching
= Successful Leader

Meeting leaders where they're at helps them become better at their jobs.
Executive Coaching can be used for:

Leadership Growth

Support the growth and development of company leaders.

Promotional Preparation

Assist future leaders in cultivating new skills and amplifying existing strengths.

Onboarding New Leaders

Attract new, effective leaders and demonstrate an organizational commitment to developing your people.

Personal Development

Help leaders establish accountability systems, and work through decisions, actions and consequences.



My Talent Plus Executive Coach always made the conversation easy and comfortable. He did a great job focusing on questions that helped me think meaningfully about my personal situation and has a depth of experience that allowed him to answer every question I had with incredibly valuable insight.

+Director of Research, Non-Profit Organization


Scott Whiteford, Ph.D. met with me in the early stages of my role here at UCLA. His coaching style was thoughtful, organized, and personal.  He worked with me to identify my strengths, and to leverage those strengths to get results. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is interested in maximizing their strengths to discover their true potential as a leader.


Chief Nursing Officer, Health Care Organization


Scott is an understanding and empathetic coach. With years of experience and insight, he can come in and offer outside perspectives while still relating to the common challenges of executive leadership. I particularly appreciated Scott’s willingness to look at the bigger picture and put the everyday struggles of management in context.


Strategic Research Manager, Non-Profit Organization


Executive coaching was helpful in my development of leadership skills. The questions [my coach] asked, the feedback he gave, and the guidance he provided on my goals led me in new directions that I have benefited from. His insights into my strengths and areas I could improve were especially helpful for my growth.

+Director of Research, Non-Profit Organization



    How It Works

    Working with an executive coach from Talent Plus begins with us listening. We'll set up a series of interviews and assessments to make sure we understand your needs and can successfully match a coach with a leader.

    Our executive coaches are experts in strength management and have coached leaders at every level in diverse industries — from healthcare and finance to consumer packaged goods.

    Over the course of six months, coaches meet with their coaching partner to explore unique talents, leverage strengths, mitigate weaknesses and help them achieve their goals.

    A Solution to Select and Develop Top Leadership Talent

    Coaching takes a person's natural talent and builds on their skills and knowledge to lead. Coaches foster and model skills in: 

    Change Management
    Difficult Conversations
    Appreciative Inquiry

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    See what the power of natural talent can do for you.

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    Our leadership development program is a way to jumpstart your mission and vision. Through scientifically proven assessments, you get a full picture of a leader's distinct talents and potential to achieve success.