THE small business solution TO help you select YOUR STARTING LINEUP

We make the journey from applicant to employee simple

You send a pre-hire assessment to an applicant

They complete the assessment

You get the results instantly

You select the right team member

What you’ll get

Mobile enabled application and assessment for improved candidate experience
Invite candidates and track completion progress
Talent+HireSM is your one-stop shop for better hiring decisions.
The Talent Online ® Assessment
Candidates receive an automated Talent Card highlighting their top five talents
Rank order candidate results
Share results easily with others
Assessment content becomes foundation for development

Select Your Starting Lineup

Using the same validity of science we use for large companies, our Talent Online ® Assessment helps you to identify people who share your vision and will show up and deliver the results to carry that vision forward.

Individuals who play well with others
Work hard, do the right things for right reasons
Will remain a positive, proactive force in your team

“Our managers were skeptical at first, but now find the program a good use of their time. The support team at Talent Plus ® are great to work with . . . I would strongly recommend them.” 

Judy Davis, SHRM-CP, HR Manager, Pursell Farms


How long is the assessment?

A typical Talent Plus Talent Online Assessment takes between 20 and 45 minutes depending on job level. Although it’s ideal to have a candidate take all in one sitting, our technology allows candidates to start and stop if interrupted without losing any progress.

What is the applicant completion rate?

Talent Plus conducts annual applicant completion studies and candidates currently are at a 93% completion. This is largely due to our mobile responsive format, candidate reminder communication (via email) and the ability to start and stop.

What is Talent+Hire℠?

Paired with the highly-predictive Talent Online ® Assessment, our applicant tracking system (ATS), Talent+HireSM, allows you to source the best candidates, direct applicant traffic flow, and ensure candidates are a fit for the role and culture. Post to social job boards, receive a branded career site, reduce your time to fill a position and more.

What if I just need to ″fill a role″?

Our research has proven that holding out for top talent shows significantly higher ROI than hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for the role. We understand there may be instances where making a hire is a “must,” but we would advise utilizing a talent assessment to gain insight into your candidate population, as well as understand what types of behaviors a leader will need to both coach and support that hire.

How many languages are available?

Most of the Talent Plus’ Talent Online Assessments are available in over 30 languages. If a language is needed that’s not currently available, we have partnerships in place to accurately translate into any language.

Do these assessments work in other cultures?

Absolutely. Talent Plus’ Research Team puts in significant time to develop an assessment making sure it has the ability to predict potential in any industry. This team conducts ongoing analysis on our assessment solutions to ensure they predict world-class talent while also showing no risk of adverse impact.

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