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Coaching to Talent Drives Sales

A client partner wanted to gauge their capacity for sales growth among eight stores focusing on strengths management. A strengths-based coaching session was provided by a consultant, which focused on helping team leaders coach team members based off of their talents. After implementation, sales numbers…


Talent Improves Productivity and Retention

A partner wanted to measure the impact of holding out for talent. They found that a talent-based selection and development strategy improved retention, supported HR and improved performance. Employees selected who were recom-mended by the Talent Plus® assessment had a 12% higher retention rate than…


Hiring for Talent Improves Customer Satisfaction, Sales

A fortune 100 airline implemented a Talent Plus® assessment to drive customer service, satisfaction and sales in their call center. Of 252 call center specialists with matched talent and performance data, top quartile talent had 4 percentage points higher first call resolution, 9.5 percentage points…


Assessing for Retail Talent Saves Millions in Turnover Costs

Assessed had a turnover rate 8 percentage-points lower than Not Assessed. If all Not Assessed had been Assessed, it would have resulted in 1,134 fewer terminations. With the direct costs of turnover conservatively estimated at $5K/termination, this would have saved $5.7M in turnover costs. CONCEPT…

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