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Focus on Culture Promotes Engagement and Profit

Gauging the current level of associate engagement is an important step in initiating change. Talent Plus’ CultureView survey enables an organization to better understand what factors produce morale, quality, and service-orientation. This credit union set out to make a cultural change to improve business metrics,…


The Science of Talent ® Reduces Turnover and Saves Over $13 Million

A financial institution was interested in differentiating themselves by attracting, selecting and retaining top talent. Over a 15-year partnership with Talent Plus ®, all employees were selected or profiled using The Science of Talent ®. The outcome is a reduction in turnover from 39.4% to…


New Hires Assessed by Talent Plus ® Leads to Lower Turnover

Individuals not assessed by Talent Plus ® were 3.8x more likely to term than individuals who were assessed, conservatively saving the health system $273,000* per 100 hires. In taking a closer look, individuals who did not go through the Quality Selection Process ® (QSP ®) showed turnover rates of…


Highly Talented Physicians Could Save $6.2M in Malpractice Claims

Talented physicians experience far less malpractice claims paid. Talent Plus ® concluded that highly talented physicians had approximately 1.5 less claims filed and 30% lower malpractice claims paid, equating to a $6.2M savings* per 100 physicians. Malpractice Claims Paid (in thousands)               …

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