Forbes Official Talent Assessment Partner 2018
Forbes Official Talent Assessment Partner 2018

“What a customer wants is no defects, timeliness and caring service. How do I know my front office manager is taking great care of my guests? I can ensure this by selecting the right talent. Somebody who has it in them. And that’s where Talent Plus’ science becomes so important. And as a leader, I only have to support it.”

— Horst Schulze,
Founder and President of The Capella Hotel Group,
Former President of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company


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How Robust is Your Talent Bench?
Revitalize Your Succession Planning Strategy- Strengthen Your Human Resources Now

Reimagine your guest experience.

You have systems in place to monitor RevPAR, occupancy rates and staffing, but can they identify world-class employees? Identify your best talent and drive repeat business. Partner with us to maximize your human capital and experience the impact you have been searching for.

Importance of Selection: Scott Rohm, President, SH Group

With our tools you will see results like:

  • Improved guest experience and satisfaction
  • Increased employee retention, performance and engagement
  • Greater financial returns and more repeat business

You have unmatched trademarks that make your brand unique. But, what sets you apart? Extraordinary people make the difference. Because without them, you are only brick and mortar. The talent you select and develop in your organization will set you up for a sustainable future in a growing market where repeat business means everything.

At Talent Plus, we know people. Our Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM), structured interviews and developmental tools are a proven, scientific approach to selecting and developing the best talent into your organization. From heart of house to front of house, we have assessment and development solutions at every level.


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