Increase Retention and Engagement — Select Talented Managers


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Align Talented Managers to Talented Employees to Increase Retention

We know talent is crucial to an organization’s success. But even more so, the alignment of talented managers to talented teams ensures your people stay.

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Align talented managers to talented employees to increase retention


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Increase Retention and Engagement — Select Talented Managers

Recommended Employees are 2x more likely to stay under a Recommended Manager/Director.

Most of this client partner’s employees are Recommended Employees (71.7%) under Recommended Managers/Directors and have a 70.6% chance of staying. However, Recommended Employees under Not Recommended Managers/Directors only have a 59.1% chance of staying.

One third of all Recommended Employees terminated within the first year were under Not Recommended leaders. The median tenure of Recommended employees under Recommended Managers/Directors is seven years.

Aligned Talent Decreases Turnover

We know the power of natural talent in Hospitality.

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