Talented Leaders Improve Sales Performance


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Top-Performing Managers Increase Sales

Talent Plus ® partnered with a luxury hotel to build a Talent Benchmark ® for their management, specifically related to their top performers in order to build a strong talented foundation for their hotel.

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Top-Performing Managers Increase Sales


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Talented Leaders Improve Sales Performance

By holding to the Talent Benchmark, sales and revenue increase and attrition is reduced. The luxury hotel experienced the positive impact of utilizing a talent-focused solution. 

  • Executive Kitchen Managers had nearly $2M more in sales than contrast performers. 
  • By hiring top-performing managers in all hotels instead of contrast performers, this hotel company could realize more than $200M in additional sales.

General Managers Show $2.5M More in Sales
Than Contrast Performers


Executive Kitchen Managers


We know the power of natural talent in Hospitality.

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