The Science of Talent ® Reduces Turnover and Saves Over $13 Million


The Concept

Talent Slashes Turnover Costs 

 A financial institution was interested in differentiating themselves by attracting, selecting and retaining top talent. Over a 15-year partnership with Talent Plus ®, all employees were selected or profiled using The Science of Talent ®. 

Company Details


 Talent Plus Assessments Reduce Turnover, Saving Millions 


 Customer Development & Service, Executive, Profit Center Manager, Sales and Supervisor Interviews 


 Financial Services 


 Financial Institution 

our impact

The Talent Plus ® Difference

Over the course of our partnership, the client reduced turnover from 39.4% to 21.0% — saving $13.1 million. In addition, full-time employees have, on average, annually grown by 13.9%, members by 15.0%, and assets by 20.0%. Integrating talent assessments company-wide has the greatest impact on key metrics that drive an organization.

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We Know the Power of Natural Talent in Financial Institutions.

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