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Development Solutions to Unlock Your Team's Potential

Our scientifically proven, strength-based approach helps managers retain top performers, develop each individual’s talents and understand the areas of opportunity for your team and your organization.


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Increase Engagement. Retain Top Performers.

Our Talent-Based Development solutions help you focus on growing your most important asset — your people. Our hands-on approach and years of experience enable us to dig below the surface to find an individual’s talents and create a framework to engage them.

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Our Innovative Solutions

Talent Plus' suite of solutions are used everyday to engage, retain and develop an organization's talent. Explore our featured solutions below.

+  Go Deep

Dig into essential team discussions, define wins, explain results and chart a path forward.

+  All Inclusive

Gather the full view of your team, culture and feedback about leadership into one source of truth.

+  Get Personal

Spend 1:1 time with an expert consultant to fully understand your specific strengths and needs.

+  Streamline Insights

Gain easy access to your goals, talents, progress and essential conversations. All in one place.

Woman participating in development session at work.


Female manager gaining insights into her employees and the company's culture.

Fuel Your Success With The Power Of Science

Our science-based development solutions provide vital insights into your employees and company culture.

Gain Unique Insights

The Talent Plus® Difference

Sample Talent Intensity Index Report.
Scientifically Validated Results

We've developed proprietary assessments and research methods backed by scientific principles to highlight areas of strength, identify growth opportunities and chart a path forward.

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Tailored Assessments

At Talent Plus, we don't believe one size fits all. We'll work with your leadership team to provide personalized assessments for your team and organization.

Male consultant engaging in 1:1 discussion with client.

1:1 Guidance

We prefer the hands-on approach at Talent Plus. That's why our consultants provide 1:1 guidance on interpreting assessment results and implementing necessary changes over the long haul.

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We tailor our proven solutions to invest in your organization’s best asset: your people.

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