Revolutionize Your Growth, Unleash Your True Potential with TalentMine®

by Talent Plus

September 12, 2019BlogEngagementTalent Lifecycle

Until now, tracking employee growth and development has been a challenge. That’s why we built TalentMine, your talent “fitness tracker.”

TalentMine is a single platform for employees and managers alike to identify and develop strengths. Everyone learns about themselves, their roles and their talents. Then, they collaborate with team members and managers to achieve goals focused on these talents.

Here are the top five reasons TalentMine® is a must-have in any workplace:

1. TalentMine is about you — learn about yourself

We don’t know you personally, but we use science to help you understand your strengths. Own your talents, discover new ones and confirm some you may not have thought of as a strength. Invest in yourself and create an action plan using scientific insights.

2. Build your development journey on a single platform

Feel good about your professional journey. Reach long-term goals with actionable, short-term steps, own your success and move to where you want to go. Revisit where you were a year ago, or three months ago — TalentMine tracks your accomplishments and progress. Use the momentum you build from a structured process and chart your accomplishments over time.

3. Give yourself external accountability

In TalentMine, you don’t have to build things on your own. Collaborate with others who can help you stay motivated and focused. Receive feedback and deepen relationships when you share goals with your team.

4. Enhance your relationship with your manager or direct report

Your organization saw your talents — that’s why they selected you. That’s why you’re here. Now, managers and employees can partner to understand these talents. When you enter a goal in TalentMine with your manager or direct report, you will cultivate talent potential.

5. Increase job satisfaction

Do more of what you are good at and enjoy. TalentMine is a platform where you can push yourself to meet goals and gain satisfaction from meeting them. If your goals align with your organization’s goals, everybody wins.

Think what it would mean to you and your organization if your team achieved 12 important goals every year. That’s how TalentMine transforms workplaces. This strength-based, collaborative approach to development encourages all team members to take ownership of their progress and celebrate successes.

Request a demo, or learn more about TalentMine today to begin creating a culture of talent.