Top-Performing Sales Associates Make $1.4M Difference


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Talent is the Million Dollar Difference

This hospitality client has found that selecting for sales talent can make a $1.4 million difference per associate. During the course of one year, they studied their highly recommended sales associates selected through the Talent Plus® Quality Selection Process® (QSP® ) as well as those considered contrast performers.

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Talent is the Million Dollar Difference




A Hospitality Client 

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Highly Recommended Sales Associates Outperformed Contrast Performers by 100 Percent

On average, the top performers sold an excess of $2.8 million per year, while contrast performers sold half of that. Altogether, this meant a total year-end difference of slightly more than $53 million in sales. 

Holding out for talent yields more than increased sales. Satisfied employees showed improved customer satisfaction and efficiency. This shows a direct correlation between interview scores and employee success: Top Performers' total interview score was significantly higher than contrast performers' total interview score by 27.2 percentage points. 

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