The Green Team is a group of Talent Plus ® associates who feel driven to minimize our impact on the environment through organized efforts. We aim to promote sustainable operations at Talent Plus through environmentally conscious practices. Our green endeavors align with our mission to be “a compelling citizen in our community.”


The Green Team is more than just the recycling police, although we do recycle quite a bit—including but not limited to: Paper, batteries, ink and toner, technology, aluminum, cardboard, plastic–basically anything except glass.

Here’s all the other things we do:

  • Whenever possible, we source food from Community Crops, a local community garden network committed to advocating a healthier lifestyle in the community through healthy, locally-grown food
  • Throughout the year, we provide information and opportunities for our associates to gain awareness about issues and practical ways to apply new knowledge at work and at home


Talent Plus is first and foremost an idea factory, so we’re always looking at ways we can improve our carbon footprint into the future. We are working on an employee survey to gauge how much we already know and what ideas each of us has that we can implement in our daily lives.

Other things that have crossed our minds include:

  • Limiting power usage control in the building through regulating electronics and individual space heaters

and more. Have any ideas? Shoot them our way!