A privately held company, Talent Plus ® is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner and a premier, global human resources consulting firm with over 400 world-class, quality-growth-oriented clients.

Some of our long-standing client relationships date back to the 1960s, when individuals that now make up the Talent Plus family first began utilizing scientific studies of success.

In 1989, Dr. William E. Hall, Kimberly Rath, Doug Rath and Sandy Maxwell founded Talent Plus on the belief that everyone has talent and science can identify it.

Almost 30 years later, more than 170 associates work at our corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and our global office in Singapore. Talent Plus is now an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries.

Based on empirical data, Talent Plus has developed reliable, validated instruments that allow clients to assess an individual’s aptitude to perform a specific job with excellence.

The Science of Talent ® determines how personal talents affect performance in every part of the workplace, from top to bottom.
Through this approach, client partners are able to further define their culture through the acquisition, retention and recognition of top talent, maximizing the human capital results in:

  • Improved profitability, growth and people performance
  • Retention of highly talented employees
  • Reliable succession planning
  • Consistent and objective recruitment and selection processes

We are committed to assisting our clients in building Talent-Based Organizations ® and Talent-Based Communities ®.

We Maximize Human Ability and Possibility

Our business solutions help leaders make confident, reliable decisions as they select, shape and grow their organization, one person at a time. Our tools predict potential.

We Are a Thought Leader

We are passionate about the study of data, and infuse it into everything we provide. Our interviews and assessments are the result of our healthy obsession with continuous in-house benchmark studies and are influenced by independent third-party experts.

We Shape the Future of Industries Around the World

The sun never sets on Talent Plus. We have offices in the U.S. and Singapore, and additional members of our extended community located across the globe. We can provide solutions wherever you are in the world, during your business hours and in your native language.