Front-line Assessments

Select top-performing front-line employees through online assessments and/or interviews. From there, our development programs maximize associate growth potential at every level.

Talent Online ® Assessments

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetic Sales
  • Culinary Services
  • Customer Service
  • Clinical Health Care
  • Designer
  • Non-Clinical Health Care
  • Hospitality- Front of House
  • Hospitality- Heart of House
  • Production Worker
  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Rep
  • Student
  • Tax Professional

In-person Interviews

  • Advertising Sales
  • Co-Worker
  • Customer Development and Service
  • Health Care Professional
  • Inside Dealer Sales
  • Outside Dealer Sales
  • Production Worker
  • Sales Associate
  • Staff
  • Tax Professional
  • Teacher

Manager/Professional Assessments

Select and develop the best talent for the mutual benefit of your company and the individual. Help your organization’s managers and professionals gain further knowledge of their strengths, as well as insight on how to leverage them as well as the strengths of their team members to be more productive and meet organizational goals.

Talent Online ® Assessments

In-person Interviews

  • Faculty
  • Health Care Manager
  • Health Care Supervisor
  • Officer
  • Professional Associate
  • Profit Center Manager
  • Sales
  • Supervisor

Senior Leader Assessments

The selection of top senior leaders ensures world-class organizations a competitive advantage. Our Senior Leader solutions strengthen leaders’ relationships with the individuals and organizations they lead as well as the external environment in which their organizations operate.

In-person Interviews

  • Executive
  • Senior Leader
  • Senior Manager
  • Physician

“Talent Plus has given us a scientific, objective platform to identify talented individuals, place them in appropriate positions and coach them for maximum success according to their natural strengths and talents.”

Amy Zuckerman
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Ferragamo

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