Client Testimonials

“Talent Plus has helped our firm’s leadership identify, nurture and grow key existing, and future firm leadership. They have helped us strategically give strengths-based development mentorship, coaching and feedback to each leader, and helped us identify individuals with the most potential to excel at leadership at Gensler. It’s all about people’s innate talent and focusing on their Aces… rather than their spaces.”

Andy Cohen
Co-CEO, Gensler

“If a company could have a collective seminal moment, ours would be the point at which we realized that the Talent Plus engagement was to be the beginning of our greatness. The resulting metamorphosis bears witness to that truth. Talent Plus has helped us to discover our innate gifts and strengths, engender new vigor and nurture a collegiality unprecedented in our history. We are forever changed by what Talent Plus has taught us about ourselves.”

Jeffrey L. Portman Sr.
President & COO, AMC Inc.

“Talent Plus has given us a scientific, objective platform to identify talented individuals, place them in appropriate positions and coach them for maximum success according to their natural strengths and talents.”

Amy Zuckerman
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Ferragamo

“I noticed a big difference immediately. By applying the principles we were able to attain a high level of production and efficiency much more quickly, and with the core foundation being the right personnel, will elevate the Mercedes brand even higher than it already is.”

Eric Hessinger
President, Mercedes Benz of Pittsburgh

“The strong relationship we’ve forged is the catalyst for our accomplishments. I enjoy working with everyone on your team. I look forward to the great things we’re going to accomplish. Thanks.”

Kevin Albrechtson
Chief Quality Officer, AmericasMart Atlanta

“Talent Plus affords Goldfarb School of Nursing (GSON) with the opportunity to use science-based approaches to develop the leadership team at the College, but also to augment student selection to include those whose talent profiles match high performing nurses in practice. Educating those with optimal talent will change the field.”

Michael Bleich, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor, Goldfarb School of Nursing

“Talent Plus utilizes sophisticated and highly predictive scientific tools to help your company build a Talent-Based-Organization. I continue to use Talent Plus as a selection, development and succession planning tool 22 years later.”

Kevin Richeson
Vice President Human Resources, SH Group

“At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy delivers four tracks of Food & Beverage education leading to international career pathways. It takes a special kind of person to excel in the F&B industry. This isn’t for everyone, and Talent Plus’ robust profiling tools enable us to identify these gems to be part of At-Sunrice’s rigorous pedagogy, providing them with an opportunity of a lifetime and a competitive headstart into the industry.”

Christophe Megel
Former Chief Executive Officer, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

“Turnover is down to below 4%. Banquet catering sales have skyrocketed, overall Club usage has risen dramatically. And our employees and members are more engaged.

Bradley N. Cance
General Manger/Chief Operating Officer, Bethesda Country Club

“The work of these companies is quite impressive. They provide an example that others can look to, to see what kind of outstanding workplace is possible—regardless of size, industry, or other circumstances. For example, the growth that many of these companies are experiencing is tremendous, and they are paying close attention to culture every step of the way. This focus on a strong cultural foundation will help pave the way for continued success as they serve their employees and their customers.”

China Gorman
CEO, Great Place to Work

“Talent Plus lives and breathes recognition. When you start at the organization, on your first day, they ask you how you want to be recognized. They ask you what’s meaningful to you. It is truly engraved in their DNA and it is clearly what made them the category winner.”

Razor Suleman
Founder and CEO, Achievers


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