How to Turn ‘Fight or Flight’ into a Reasoned Response – Thrive Global

by Talent Plus

January 23, 2018In The News

Authors of “Managing to Make a Difference,” Larry Sternberg and Kim Turnage, share their thoughts and expertise on what you need to do when you feel your hackles rising with Thrive Global in their new blog, “How to Turn ‘Fight or Flight’ into a Reasoned Response.”

“You know how it feels when your fight or flight response is ramping up. Your heart rate increases. You get that pit in your stomach. When you think about it later, everything seems like it’s in slow motion. Maybe you get a tingly feeling somewhere in the space between your heart and your head. That’s the feeling of your hackles rising.”

“In this age of alternative facts and fake news, truth denialism is at an all-time high in our society.”

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