Whistle While You Work

by Talent Plus

September 26, 2016Webcasts

Talent is a natural ability not acquired through effort, education or experience. How can selecting for talent mitigate whistleblowers within your organization? At Talent Plus ®, we know that selecting top-performing associates into your organization has a direct impact on engagement and positivity. People who are cared for, are engaged and positive, and are invested in by their leaders are more likely to step forward and discuss issues with their leaders rather than blowing a whistle. However, leaders also need to be engaged and willing to listen to their employees. Join Matt Gaba, Esq at Provider Trust, and Todd Spohn, Director of Health Care at Talent Plus, to learn:

  • How to select, develop and retain top talent.
  • How to gain trust amongst your employees.

How to develop effective compliance tools.