At Talent Plus ® we are intentional about every aspect of our culture, especially those we invite to join us. We proudly use our own scientific tools to select every single person who works for us. As an international human resources consulting firm, we partner with clients to select and hire top performers and maximize their potential. We deliberately build our culture and fill our halls with positive, high-energy, hardworking, caring and service-oriented associates. Our award-winning culture reflects an everyday reality at Talent Plus.


We offer unique, comprehensive benefits that include:

  • No-limit vacation policy: We want our associates to manage their own work-life balance as events in their life change. Our focus is on performance and output, not restrictive policies. We trust our associates to make great business decisions.
  • Onsite chef: We are committed to creating healthy lifestyles within the Talent Plus family and community. In addition to several health incentives a year, our on-site professional chefs provide healthy, balanced breakfasts and lunches for our associates and guests each day.
  • Profit-sharing plan: Re-evaluated each year and based on growth and operating profits, all full-time associates will receive an equal payout when goals are reached, regardless of role.
  • Stock purchase program: Ownership forms a key part of a company’s culture and loyalty. The opportunity of owning a “piece” of Talent Plus is extended to all associates after continuous service, promoting synergy between the company and the employee.

“One of our basic beliefs is Talent + Relationship; it’s so important to us we formed our name around this concept. It is vital that each person understands what they do well – their talent. However, relationship is the process by which talent flourishes. Through building relationships that maximize a person’s talent, one can make that individual a most significant person. Continue to help people understand their talent and the concept that people only grow out of relationships; but that’s just the first step. Once they have that understanding, they must put in thought and effort into the development of their talent and their relationships.”

 – Dr. William E. Hall
Talent Plus Co-Founder