Talent Plus, Inc. recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2020

by Talent Plus

Lincoln, NE – Talent Plus has been selected by Modern Healthcare as one of the 2020 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, ranking 35th.

“It has been an especially trying year for the world, and healthcare in particular as COVID-19 ravages our communities and your workplaces,” said Aurora Aguilar, Modern Healthcare’s editor. “But the organizations recognized on this year’s list rose to the top and continued to be a source of strength for their teammates. They have seen their colleagues fall ill to the virus and struggled with the economic impact of the pandemic. The loyalty and trust between employers and their workers is being put to the test now more than ever. We congratulate the Best Places to Work in Healthcare for continuing to serve their workforce and communities during such an unprecedented time.”

“We appreciate Modern Healthcare’s recognition. We must be appreciative of each leader, each manager, each individual and in turn, leaders must stay in relationship with every member of their teams to listen and care. As Horace said, ‘Adversity brings out talents that in more prosperous times would lie dormant.’ With children in remote and in person learning situations, social containment, working from home and disruptions all around, focus is the ultimate currency. How well we maintain that laser focus on helping those around us combat today’s seemingly insurmountable upheaval, while simultaneously thinking, acting and collaborating strategically to plan for the business climate of tomorrow, will determine our collective success moving forward,” offers Makenzie Rath, President, Talent Plus, Inc.

This award program identifies and recognizes outstanding employers in the healthcare industry nationwide. Modern Healthcare partners with the Best Companies Group on the assessment process, which includes an extensive employee survey. 2020 Best Places to Work in Healthcare awards gala took place virtually on October 8 in conjunction with the Workplace of the Future Conference. Information on the award celebration and conference is available at 

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