Make a Difference: How to Bring About Culture Change with Dr. Bryan K. Williams

by Larry Sternberg

January 22, 2018BlogEngagement

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Williams to our broadcast this week. The author of several books, he is passionate about helping organizations reach high levels of service and organizational excellence. During seminars and workshops he is frequently asked how a leader can bring about changes in an organization whose culture is firmly established.

Join us as Dr. Williams shares his insights in a lively discussion with Larry Sternberg, addressing the following questions:

  • What is culture, anyway?
  • In changing a culture, what is the importance of articulating a vision?
  • What is the relationship between habits and culture?
  • How does storytelling contribute to culture change?
  • How often should you discuss your basic values and expectations?

Dr. Williams points out that strong leaders have the courage to give employees frequent, candid feedback about whether they are upholding the standards required by the new culture. Employees who enliven the desired culture must be celebrated and rewarded. Employees who don’t want to or cannot learn new habits must be held accountable.

One important insight – when an employee is not being successful, she knows it first. It is not kind or moral to leave an employee in a role where she’s failing.

Join us for this valuable and entertaining conversation as Bryan and Larry drill down on those issues and more.

Until next time, manage to make a difference every day!

+ Larry Sternberg, J.D. and Kim Turnage, Ph.D.

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