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Book Synopsis

Managing to Make a Difference presents a leadership guide for those in the middle. The C-suite has a wealth of resources for leadership guidance, but middle managers face a quandary: often given little guidance on how to excel, they are also under enormous pressure to do a variety of things other than “lead.” This book provides much-needed tools and techniques for building a high-performing team—without letting your other duties suffer. Organized around a coherent philosophy and based on solid research, the discussion offers a roadmap to engagement, talent development, and excellence in management. From difficult situations and organizational challenges to everyday motivation and inspiration, these techniques help middle managers achieve the goals of their organization while empowering their workers to achieve their own.


“In 1993, I asked Larry Sternberg to become a General Manager in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. He and his team achieved such impressive results I asked him to teach his approach to all the leaders in the company. Every manager and leader can learn a lot from Managing to Make a Difference.”

+Horst Schulze, Legendary Hotelier and Talent Plus Advisor


“Larry Sternberg has delivered several training programs for AMC managers over the years, and he has truly made a positive difference in our company. I am pleased he has written Managing to Make a Difference because I know he helps managers grow.”

+Jeff Portman President and Chief Operating Officer, AMC, Inc.


“Around the year 2000, I worked with Larry Sternberg to develop a management training program for Marietta Memorial Hospital. Like Managing to Make a Difference, the program went beyond theory, emphasizing implementation in the workplace. That program played a key role in helping our managers improve their effectiveness. What Larry teaches works.”

+J. Scott Cantley, President and CEO, Marietta Memorial Hospital & Memorial Health System


“Managing to Make a Difference is a terrific book! This book provides tools and reminders on employee engagement and recognition that will surely bring out the best in everyone us as leaders. Well done!”

+Jeremy Dimick, Vice President of Operations, Harman Management Corporation

    About The Authors

    Larry Sternberg

    Having been with Talent Plus® since 1999, Larry Sternberg has served in a variety of capacities beginning as a Management Consultant and In-Depth Analyst. He has held leadership positions as Chair of Management Consulting, Leadership Consulting and Client Engagement, and most recently President. He is now a Talent Plus Fellow performing duties as an often-requested speaker and consultant. Additionally, he is the co-author of Managing to Make a Difference, a book offering practical tools and exercises to become a manager focused on making a positive difference in employees’ lives.

    Sternberg has been instrumental in helping clients build Talent-Based Organizations®. Sternberg has designed and conducted training programs on a variety of topics for thousands of executives and managers and has served as a facilitator for numerous organizations to articulate their mission, vision and values. His areas of expertise include selection, training and development, employee engagement, strength management, mentoring and leading change.

    Kim Turnage

    Kim Turnage spent her career figuring out where people naturally excel and connecting them with opportunities to stretch those talents. She first joined Talent Plus® in 1997 as a Senior Research Analyst and Leadership Consultant. At that time, she directed research, statistical analysis and reporting of results, including the design, initial validation and ongoing validation of selection instruments. She also consulted with clients to develop and implement measurement strategies to help them understand the impact of talent-based selection and strengths-based management on their business outcomes.

    Kim was a Senior Leadership Consultant at Talent Plus. In this capacity, she worked with client partners in the selection, development and retention of top leadership talent. In addition, Turnage is the co-author of Managing to Make a Difference, a book offering practical tools and exercises to become a manager focused on making a positive difference in employees’ lives.

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