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+ The Science of Talent

+ The Science of Talent

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+ VALIDATE Results

+ VALIDATE Results

The Science of Talent Yields Bottom Line ROI



People Performance Wins War for Talent


Results That Matter

The premise is simple. The science is sophisticated. We identify people with the potential for near-perfect performance so clients can make wise decisions in the selection and development of their teams. When we identify talent, we transform lives.

Our results increase productivity, reduce turnover, grow customer satisfaction, strengthen employee engagement, sustain excellence and profitability.


What Our Clients Say

What we do every day is maximize human potential. We select talent, invest in people, engage organizational culture and conduct ongoing research to help you make the best hiring decisions, not just for today but well into the future.

We strategize future growth, innovation and results through people, but don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients are saying

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and our clients and associates say it better than anyone else.

From our award-winning culture and the faces we work with every day to the bottom line results and organization-changing outcomes we see with every client, we are changing the world one interview at a time.

Watch our videos to hear about these results.

Business Answers Through Talent-Based Solutions


Talent Plus is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner in the industry. We maximize human potential. Our validated, structured interviews and assessments provide a scientific methodology to improve an organization’s culture one employee at a time. People are most effective when they can utilize their strengths to do work they enjoy. We identify those talents so that you can more effectively manage your workforce. We prove results in profitability, retention, engagement, job performance, sales performance. People Move Business...We Know People.


Ranked for five consecutive years as a top ten Great Place to Work across the United States for Small and Medium Sized Businesses, Talent Plus is also one of the top 50 Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare, one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the United States, and in the Elite 8 for culture around rewards and recognition, Talent Plus works with successful global brands across industries – health care and hospitality, as well as retail, automotive, consumer products, education, engineering, financial, government, manufacturing, ministry, not for profit, services and utilities.


As a thought leader in talent innovation and maximizing human potential, the Talent Plus Viewpoint ®, is our corporate blog where thought leaders throughout our company touch on categories ranging from leadership to culture, the industries we serve, and engagement in the workplace. You can also find our own Spotting Talent posts where we take the industry insight we have for spotting talent and spread the word around the globe. Subscribe to find posts from our Founders and President to the most recent hires across the globe.

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As I write this post on July 9, 2016, the USA is in the midst of bitter, extreme political partisanship. Our society at this moment is polarized. This post is not about that, but what’s going on in businesses and other ..
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(Lincoln, Nebr.) – This year on Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14, Talent Plus ® is flying in its Atrium area a 30′ x 20′, historic American Flag used as a theatrical backdrop on the Music Hall Stage of Omaha’s histori ..
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A client recently asked me, “How do we create a culture of feedback?” That question took me back to the following story. I was the HR Director at a large conference hotel. We had a team of employees known as banquet ..

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